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SMART Software

Service Management & Route Tracking

SMART Software is the only software created by, and created for Amusement Operators, ATM Operators, and Service Companies.

What We Do

We Offer Complete, Premium Software Solutions for ATM, Amusement, and Service Oriented Businesses.

Who We Are

We have been providing top level software solutions for over 20 years to our ever expanding clientele.

SMART Software Features:

Accurate Vault Cash Forecasting

We forecast vault cash differently than any processor or atm software on the market.  Our customers are returning 20% of their vault cash using ATM SMART

Track Service Issues

Keep track of all aspects of Service Issues, from ticketing and technician routing to inventory control and vehicle maintenance.

Generate More Revenue

Our software can literally generate more money for your business.

Customer Relationship Management

SMART includes a fully integrated powerful, and successful CRM solution to manage the relationships with your customers, vendors, ans sales prospects.

SMART Mobile

Access SMART from ANY device, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE with SMART Mobile.

Eliminate Human Error and Reduce Theft

SMART significantly eliminates human error due to miscalculations and also reduces theft by providing checks and balances.


Amusement Smart transitioned us from using paper to computers seamlessly, and we are now spending 50% less time in the money room Even our older collectors who were hesitant to change have embraced Amusement Smart, and now they say with Amusement Smart doing all of the calculations, they would never give up their laptop! For the first time in 10 years our route collections were correct down to the exact penny. The support team at Amusement Smart always gets back to us very, very quickly and they resolve our problems very, very fast.

Scott Dougherty
Owner D&D Amusement Games, LLC

We are very pleased with the Amusement Smart Software. I could not image going back to our old method. We were able to eliminate one part-time data entry person who was entering the data from our collection sheets into our old program. That alone covered our annual cost of the new software. Perhaps the most important thing I have found has been the support after the sale, any software issues were looked at and fixed in a timely manner and support has been excellent since day one, I am glad we choose to partner with Amusement Smart.

Don Stowe
Owner Midstate Amusements