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A T M Smart Service Management and Route Tracking

ATM-SMART is a fully featured software product that manages the flow of cash from the bank to the terminal, back to the bank. ATM-SMART uses internal checks and balances to ensure that your ATM terminals have enough cash to handle usage until it is scheduled to be loaded again.

Key Features of the Service Module:

  • Generate more revenue from your routes
  • Reduce surplus vault cash while helping eliminate empty vaults
  • Help you provide first class levels of service and support
  • Close the cash handling loop from money room to terminal to bank
  • Help you *Manage your cash and *Keep your locations
  • Manage customers, contacts and documents
  • Expand your reporting and analysis of location performance


  • Imports current and history ATM information from your processor.
  • Graduated Commissions.
  • Predict Cash Usage.
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management).
  • Terminal Bumps.
  • Service and Support is Fully Integrated.
  • Customized access and control set up per user’s needs.


  Express Ultimate
Enhanced ROI Reporting  
Network/Bin Reconciliation  
1099 Reporting  
Inventory/Equipment Tracking  
Route Optimization  
Sales Management/Lead Tracking  
Custom Financial Statements
Advanced Commission Structures
Know where ALL of your chash is
Maximize your cash assets
Comprehensive Reporting
Complete CIT Management
Smart Phone Integration
Customer Portal Work Orders
Recurring Maintenance Auto Generates Tickets
Field Service Management
Asset Management
Advanced Cash Reconciliation
Schedule and Dispatch Service Tickets
Employee Organization
Advanced Reporting
Calendar View of Work Orders
Vehicle Management
Customer Relationship Management(CRM)
Customizable Work Orders/Service Tickets
Get Directions or Call Locations with a click
Cell Phone Signatures
Attach Photos to tickets inventory and location
Real-Time Notifications
Vehicle Management and Alerts
Route Optimization
Field Service Management
Customer Portal for Work Orders
Acccess Customer Information,Inventory,History
Contract Management and Alerts
Client and Employee Organization
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Text and Email Reminders
Check Printing