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"Amusement SMART has been a great all-in-one solution for today’s multi-layered revenue splits. This system really eliminates human error. SMART is fast and efficient, as promised."

Chip- Midwest Coin Concepts.

"SMART gave us new opportunities to increase revenue streams and helped us out in the service department as well."

Phil- PDQ Merchant Enteprises

"SMART's support team is "Johnny on the Spot" on service. You call and don't get an automated message, you speak to someone right off the bat... It's the best and most knowledgeable support we've ever had."

- Fred, WAMO.

"During most Sales Tax Audits, miscalculations were found in reports from our previous software. SMART Software's Sales Tax Reports were so accurate, that we had our very first No Change audit."

Manley- FAVA

"We use the ATM software everyday to manage our ATM's. The software makes us more efficient and effective in running this part of our business"


"With the high level of detail provided, from the reports to the easy-to-follow instructions, the system works beyond all of our expectations. We have been able to identify areas to increase proficiency, reduce time, cut waste and minimize inventory loss."

Shawn- GAMOA

"Looking forward to having all of our financial data secured in one place."

Rick- AMOA

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