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Optimize your route, increase revenue, and add accountability with the most innovative system available for managing and growing your company

SMART is the most powerful, modern and effective system available for managing and servicing amusement routes. Designed specifically for the purpose of supporting a modern amusement machine route operation, the system captures an unlimited number of fees, adjustments and other types of activity for any machine, location or route. The system is also easy to learn and does not require proprietary equipment.

Fees and Adjustments

  • Fee Flexibile
    • Get your money, keep your money, keep your locations
    • Calculate fees and adjustments
    • Unlimited types of fees and fee structures
    • Get your fees a little at a time. Keeps your locations happy!
  • System Easily Takes Care of
    • Complex and Unique Splits
    • NCB (non cash box), credit cards, player rewards and internet revenue with ease
    • Unlimited adjustments and each adjustment can be setup to your needs
    • Multiple revenue splits on same machine
    • Collect small fee for expense items you previously absorbed

Managing the System

  • Flexible routing
    • Quickly reassign routes and multiple collectors to different routes
    • Show maps of mulitple routes or single location in route
  • Real time reporting - NO month-end or year-end processes
    • Track 1099 customers and quickly gernerate reporting
    • Various revenue reports available
  • SMART Collector
    • Completely detached and powerful mobile collections
    • Abilty to sync remotely (depending on your network)
  • Business Dashboard
    • Select your overview showing various revenue graphs and money room stats
    • Date range is dynamic to show last month, last year, etc.
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